Didn't Ever Think It Would Be This Way

When my relationship started I'm sure it was prob all like yours he spent every spare minute with me if he wasn't with me he was on phone or texting me. I thought I had found my soulmate and he seemed to be everything I was looking for at long last. He asked me to marry him and I was so excited and happy and had dreams and hopes of what my marriage would be. We moved in after getting engaged and I should of seen or taken the red flags and ran but I was helplessly in love and thought he's deploying he's scared this will pass it never did. My husband has never personally bought me a gift. He never has anything special for my birthday our first together he actually invited his friends over for them to drink! In a drunken rage he tore my wedding dress. He is verbally and physically abusive. He apologizes but it's always excuses not a true apology. He went from drinking to now playing video games its a constant transfer of addictions. He doesn't care about my health which is poor. I don't even recognize myself anymore ima shell of my former shell. Broken and scarred and torn. I told him tonight it was the game or me I was tired of not feeling loved of not having a normal marriage and at first he was asking how our divorce was going to be. I left and he always finds excuses he doesn't feel loved I don't show affection well how much does one woman have to take before its enough. You would think he would wake up and see I'm done if there isn't a major change here and I've changed enough been used enough and abused enough. But no not him he will sit back prob play his little game and wonder and be suprised or act it when he comes home and I'm gone. But of course he will rationalize it to himself that I don't or never loved him cause he says that all the time well I'm the only one in this relationship that shows love gives a effort and I'm tired of doing it alone if I wanted to do it alone I'd be alone.
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I truly feel for you. My marrige sucks too. My wife lies all the time about everything. She cheated I for gave her. I caught her texting to the home wrecker again after she said she would not. I for gave her again. I pray your marrige gets better, dont think mine will. Good luck. I also must admit I only read the first half of your story. Sorry will read the rest later.

Yea that is horrible to be honest if she keeps cheating I don't think it will I myself as cruel and mean and lonely I feel could never cheat cause I do love him and just can't I hope things work out for you but if she keeps cheating how can it. You need to stop letting her, put your foot down, leave, she is also showing you no respect it's easier said than done I know though