So Confused And Dont Know What To Do

My husband and I got married this last Christmas and at first everything was wonderful. We were travelling and in love and we got pregnant with twins in January! Im due in october and thrilled. But my husband Pa has changed a lot since then. He used to be sweet and respectful and affectionate. When we found out I was pregnant he was shocked, and finding out it was twins seemed to really shock him a lot, and he got more stressed out and started working harder because he has to provide. I understand and respect that and I try to be a good wife. But there are things hes done that I have trouble coping with. He likes to go to pub and has sometimes driven home drunk.When hes drunk he has a temper, and hes broken my phone before. I know he keeps secrets from me and treats me like Im stupid when I ask him about it and he never listens to me.

Well this evening he came back from the pub and while he was taking a shower I looked at his phone to see what time it was. I promise I never snoop and I respect my husband, but it was a name I didnt recognize and when I opened it there were loads of texts from some girl and there were pictures shed sent him of herself nude and posing, and he was sending her texts with nasty things in them. I confronted it and it became a huge fight and he broke one of the cabinet doors. He ran off to the pub again and he hasnt been back. I just been crying because I dont know what else to do. I thought of going to my parents house but my whole family is Irish Catholic and divorce is absolutely not an option. Pa said he never done anything with her, just pictures and texts, but I dont know if I believe him. I know he likes flat tummies and thinner girls than I am, but I cant help that with twins and I never been a skinny girl anyway. Theres nothing I can do til the babies are born. I just dont know what to do. Do i talk to him? Do I ignore it? Do I try to get his attention more?
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Don't get a divorce. That would make things worse. What he did is a terrible sign of his unfaithful character but I don't believe he had sex with her. Pray for God to do something in his life that will cause him to get right with the Lord because that is his true problem.

I believe you should ignore it,

Both of y'all need a get away. Take some time away from each other. Then come back and talk to each other on a respectful manner. Find out why he's talking to other girls. Why he's going to the pub a lot. People do things for a reason. Have faith and be safe.

Honestly? I would try to get home to your parents, at least for a little while...have the babies there. If your dad knew he was mistreating you, would he take you in?

Leave him. He doesn't deserve you.