Finally Waking Up, Is It Too Late???

i am in a bad marriage!!! will be married 20 years in nov, if i can take it that long. I don't know what is wrong with me, why ive let it go on this long. I am married to an alcoholic, who becomes verbally abusive, tells me i am ignorant, and his pet name for me is dizzy. It is not only when he is drinking anymore and he tells me daily now that i am stupid, makes fun of my family, i could go on, but i won't. He has controlled my life, telling me he didn't want me to work, to be home, moved me away from my family, from everybody that i knew, i let that happed 4 years, proud to say i am back in my hometown with my family and friends around me. I am making a stand, but is it too late? sometimes, we still have good times, but they are few and farther between. I am so scared to restart my life at this age. I haven't worked in almost 15 years, what do i do????

carolellen66 carolellen66
Mar 3, 2009