My husband is emotionally and mentally abusive. He tells me that I am nothing but a fat cow, that I am useless. He tells my kids I am a deadbeat mother. He holds my animals lives over my head and threatens to kill them every time I don't do what he says. I love him, but days like today I hate him. He put a hole through my bedroom door while throwing a tantrum today and then beat my car with a mag light during the same tantrum. Then he will turn around and tell me how much he loves me and all that bull crap before doing the same thing all over again.

I hate this. I hate the life I am forced into daily. I never do anything right, am never good enough, pretty enough. Why do I even freaking try to make him happy? I will fail anyway. All these songs and crap that talks of love and men caring about their women is just BS. Or maybe trying to be loved is the stupid part. I don't know.
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What would you tell your children if they were in this relationship? Why do you want them thinking this is normal? I can't even imagine being called a name by my husband.

So why do you stay? No matter what, don't classify all males as being this way! Only a coward would hurt a pet, and his life mate!
Discard this man's attention and mental issues, he will continue to destroy your life. From what I could see in your photo, you look fine, so try not to worry about the way you look.
You're young, and I assume healthy, move on and take life by the horns!

totally unfair on his part...he cant hold you hostage to your feelings...
if you think its not going to work out, move out for your own and your children' sake...
take care...