I Am In A Bad Marriage And I Have No Idea How I'm Going To Get Out Of It. We've Been Together For More Years Than I Care The Think About, But The Main Thing Is That After Being Together For Over 10 Years. We Decided To Bring Children Into The Mix. Memea

 thought it was a good idea at the time because.  I purposely waited until he said he was ready for parenthood, but what I sadly discovered was that parenthood meant something completely different to him.  It meant that my life would change and his would not.  That our children @ 11 would be our equals.  We would not be responsible for molding the, and helping then grown into responsible individuals, because "we can't control them."  Our parenting styles are like oil and water, and I am very afraid for them because they are living in such a divided home.  Now I can barely stand him and I have no doubt that he feels the same.  In the meantime the kids are stuck in the middle.  

How do I get out our this mess without making things worse for our children.  I want to take them and move away, but I haven't the money, or the resources. They are becoming people that I am embarrassed to say I am raising.  I work hard to keep of getting depressed and giving up.  I love my children and just want what is best for them.....We're so strapped financially afte the bills and necessities are taken care of there nothing left over the an ecape fund.  

Has anyone else ever been in this situation, and if so, how did you get out and find happiness????

cpop1189 cpop1189
Nov 5, 2009