I Need Him to Leave Me Alone

...And it's been a whole week.

It's been a long time that I am not my usual merry self. And I feel stupid because what caused this mood of mine is something illogical. Didn't want to feel it, didn't want it to happen.. Been fighting it these whole seven or eight days and so far, I haven't been able to.

I don't want to see his face, don't want to have to see him (but I do...) At one point, my face froze at the sight of him grinning innocently at me, I thought if I had to smile at him, my face would crack.

"I need a little time away from you. I can't stand the sight of you right now. It is painful having to pretend to be nice to you when you have hurt me and you don't even realise you did.

It is probably not your fault that I got mad at you but what you did hurt. It hurt bad. And I just can't stand to be near you."

God, this is so stupid.

june1999 june1999
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6 Responses Dec 12, 2008

Ah but we do, Michael, it's just not that popular. Kind of like football in the US. Oh, alright, soccer.<br />
<br />
We know ba<x>seball but mostly it is softball that is played casually on open fields across the country. It just never catches on in this country of hot headed, impatient people, I guess, lol.

My dear Lordie, I did wait until I felt better. It was one hell of a wait, though :)<br />
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Yo, Elf.. That's one good suggestion. Next time I have a bad mood like this, I'm going to use it. You need copyright fee? :) :) :)

very true june........... We are guys......... not real smart in figuring out the fairer sex......Buy a baseball bat write what is wrong on it then clock him across the forehead and he might just get it............... smiles

I agree with pntdhorse, it's not stupid. But if you don't feel like explaining and if you think he should have known better, then don't explain.<br />
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Wait till you feel better. I know the feeling, I have felt that, I am not sure if the cause was the same though

Thanks. That's what my friends tell me to do too. And if I had been myself I'd have known that, too. That was some crazy week :)

Not stupid, But if he doesn't know then how is he suppose to know what to do. If I didn't know something was wrong I might would do the same thing. You Just gotta talk.