In a shittyy mood. Drank some beer and cut up my arms. Can feel the effects of it. Feel a lot more relaxed but still not feeling great. Just don't wanna face reality. In about an hour ill take some sleeping pills and them ill be good. How crazy it is that my life consists of slowly destroying myself while all I'm trying to do is cope and stay alive.
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I'm sorry there's nobody to be there with you. Do try to not be too hard on yourself.

It's okay and ill try. Easier said than done though

Yeah I know. If you feel like talking I like to listen. You're free to message me about anything. Just do what you can :)

Your free to message me as well. I checked out your profile and see how your there for everyone. I'm the same way and you could use a break and someone to listen as well.

Haha you got that from my profile? I'm glad it represents me so well. You're obviously having a gnarly time of things, so if you just feel like a calm little chat I'd be glad to oblige :) Sometimes just talking aboutour favorite food and movies can keep our minds occupied enough to calm us down.

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