Im tired of people assuming ****!

Just because i asked for your kiik doesnt mean i want to swap nvdes. Im not always a pervert i can communicate like a human being aswell, Fvck. And im tired of you ******* with a kikfriends account aswell you all say (chatty, clean chat, funny)
Well your a fvcking liar! I message you a good joke like (roses are red, my name is dave, this poem sucks, microwave) and greet you with a nice (hi my names brandon lol how are you tonight?) and you fvcking ignore me!?!?!? I send you a picture of my fvcking c0ck after you dont respond for fifteen minutes and suddenly you can muster up the words to say you dont pic swap???? No, just no u dont wh0re you dont pic swap and you dont want a clean chat either u just want a bunch of strange men to show you there d1ck and act all innocent like and you people act like us asking for pic swap are bad. HA you selfish, conceded, arrogent, two faced, self absorbed, little preppy b1tches are worst then us!!!! At least im honest about myself
1992brandonc 1992brandonc
22-25, M
Aug 21, 2014