The Resistance.

Ok so my bands name is The Resistance. Me and my friend since third grade decided to and we are both the guitarists...we have a drummer but now we have dreams of moving to LA together (felicity ill stop by when I do) but I'm looking for male 14/15 year old Virginia Beach residents who can either sing or play bass guitar! Thank you!!

TheWhiteCrow TheWhiteCrow
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better stop by lol

Lol will do ^^


You know I can sing really good in German lol but not too well in English.

Realy? In German? I speak German (lol pointless fact) that's so cool!

Yeah like some of Rammstien's songs I can sing flawlessly, sometimes anyways. Lol that's cool, German is a good language to know for some odd reason.

Yea psh and my dad said to take Latin. And that's amazing no one ik can sing Rammsteins songs

Latin is a dead language, very pointless. You know me :P I can only do a couple though like Rosen Rot and Onhe dich

Ya as for me I can't sing worth squat :D

I can't either but I can sing those pretty good.

Well it's a start! :D

Lol I guess so ^_^

Yup ^^

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