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I am in a metal band, though I write most of the music in our band I feel like Im still being held back. A lot of my favorite riffs and songs dont get any attention but when im just messing around improvising a jam they are the songs the band wants to use. They think im being a winney ***** when say that, because the fact that I wrote most of the already. So I dont really talk to them sbout it anymore. I may write the songs but im not picking which ones we use. We do everything on a vote so it is fair. I just.usualy get the shity end of the stick. Am duche for being so fustrated?
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1 Response Jan 22, 2013

No u r not a douche (sp?) It sounds like your just being used and not appreciated. U should tell them to write their own **** so they won't be bitching about the songs. Lets see how proud they are about their songs. Sorry but its your songs they are using so they need to grow the **** up. Sorry u have to deal with **** holes.

Thanks for the support!