Confused Relationship

My relationship is one on the extremes. But its always confusing. Maybe Im the one who's confused, but yeah its kinda complicated.
From being a guy who'd never get into a serious relationship..I fell madly in love with her,and now my life revolves around her. Even the seriousness confuses me. I never wanted it to be so serious. I mean I love her a lot, like truckloads, but I wanted it to be more chilled out, I never knew how it got so kinda freaks me out..all the expectations and stuff. But yeah its a very beautiful relationship. Like we're so much in love its like a fairytale. But even the fairytale story confuses me,actually. How can love be just so perfect in a world where relationships dont work and love happens everyday ? Maybe she's got this ability to make me fall in love with her every single day over and over again.Then There are times when I'll think its a waste and Im better off single and relationships suck, but thats because Its so perfect that I dont want to believe it can be this correct. Too much perfection screws things up. Thats confusing too,I know. I'll create scenes and make up fights that aren't even backed by valid reasons. Its just that it freaks me out. N then I'll think about her,and I want to be with her till my last breath.
Maybe Im just a confused soul who is lucky to have a super perfect girlfriend. And its so perfect,and so good to be true,that I start believing that maybe its untrue. Complicated. I wonder why I wrote this up,and even If I did, half of this post reads "confused.perfect.perfect.confused. lovee.perfect.confused." weird. Love you Jolu.
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Awww. You are in such a beautiful and perfect relationship. You should be happy and not confused.

that is so beautiful...just love her. some people wish they were in a relationship just like yours


Lol.. u're like me... I have a super perfect female best friend but at the same time i love my independence(as a single) so i don't wanna be in a relationship so early.. its our age to enjoy life in all possible ways.. haha

When you are lucky enough to have love in your life...embrace it, cherish it.
Don't over analyze it. As for being too young to be in love and thinking it keeps you from experiencing things...quite the experience and share them together.
Wishing you lots of success in love and the years ahead.

That's nice

This is very cute, I must say. It's normal to be confused when you love someone so much. I used to feel that way about my ex boyfriend. I loved him so much that it hurt sometimes because I hardly understood my own feelings. It was an amazing relationship while it lasted and we're still friends even though we aren't together anymore. I wish you all the best in your relationship because it sounds like you really love her.

so cute

haha thanks,you're my only well wisher :P