One's defination of complicated can differ a great deal from another's.  I have lived w/ a man for 6 years.  We were once committed and exclusive, but are now friends and in a room-mate situation.  This frees him of accecpting responcibility for his actions, and allows him to live freely without the burden of a commitment upon him.  Although I stay ... this doesn't full-fill my desire to be in a commited, loving relationship.
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Don't worry you aren't alone.. My situations is nearly identical and extremely complicated! This isn't what I want but the other option isn't even further from what I want... I've been in a great deal of conflict with myself since he started seeing other people last April... I don't know what to do, it's impossible... Either way I lose!

Wow ... yeah that would be awkward ... i dont know how you dont fly off the handle on him ..