Dating A Celebrity Isn't What You Might Think.

This is a true story as all of my stories and postings are..The names are changed to keep me from getting sued and to protect people's privacy.

Not every celebrity dates high profile people, although I truly understand why they do. Their lives entail alot of people around them all the time around the clock. Assistants, managers, agents, personal assistants, make up, wardrobe assistants, body guards. It can be chaos. Celebrities have constantly changing schedules so someone who is familiar with that kind of lifestyle understands.

For someone such as myself, I found it hard to compete with.

My celebrity, of course which I cannot name and you would all know him if I mentioned his name, was very kind and nothing like I thought he would be. Though it didn't last long, only a few weeks, it was fun but so busy, it was hard to enjoy. There were non disclosure agreements and do's and don'ts. Very and I do mean very little privacy.

We met in the emergency room. He was a patient. He had hurt himself in a motorcycle stunt he insisted on doing. I recognized hom right away. I was 32 and he was 36. He was in San Francisco filming on location. We began talking as I was his nurse. He was admitted overnight for observation underanonymity as all celebrity or crime victims are. No information can be given out. Not even to police. Even when police ask, the standard answer is, " I have no information on that patient."

He asked me to come to his room later and left me the password. Even in his hospital room, he had several people there. He asked me for my phone number and I told him no. I told him I didn't give my number to men I didn't know. He liked that. He asked me if he could take me to lunch and I explained that though it was exciting being who he was that I didn't know him and though I was sure I would be safe, I didn't know him. Again, he liked my answer and told me he would like to get to know me. I asked him why. He said because of the care I gave him, he felt kindness he hadn't felt since he was still home with his family back in Illinois. He said he wanted to see if that was really something I really was. Well, Im not dumb..of course I was dying to say yes. Omg..a big fine too. I agreed and two days later, I met him for a quiet Saturday lunch in San Francisco.We met at a simple but wonderful landmark restaurants called The Cliff House and yes his people were there, only not at our table. We talked for over 3 hours, we laughed so hard and we talked about San Francisco, his movie and our shared passion for cooking. We seemed to feel very comfortable with each other. At one awkward moment of silence, we looked at each other and burst into laughter. He wasn't anything like I thought he would be. He leaned in at the end of our meal and said he wanted to see me again.

I wanted that too. I gave him my number not really expecting him to ever call me. I was wrong. He did. We went to the San Francisco Zoo and we were photographed by a few photographers and some fans asked for autographs. He was very kind to them. Body guards kept people from getting to close. There wasn't any hand holding or PTA's. But we had a great time. Again he was very funny amd we laughed alot. Good night He was playful and we seemed to spar with each other very well.

The nights in San Francisco =can be extremely cold at night especially with the fog rolling in. We decided to go and have pizza and beer and found a small empty pizza place on 19th street. Great place. As it got to be about 8 or so, he offered to drive e home. He had a 4:00 am set call. He drove me home..gave me the box of left over pizza and kissed my cheek.

For the next 3 weeks, we spent quite a few days and a few nights together. We didn't have sex until the second week.

I invited him to come for dinner. Just he and I. One of the few times we were actually alone. But his people weren't far off by any means. I asked him what food did he miss the most from home and he said his mother's pot roast. So, that's what I made him. We drank some great wine he brought and listened to some motown, which he loves still.. We laughed and flirted with each other, and then it happened. He kissed me and it was the most gentle kiss. Wow. I just got kissed by **********!! Holy cow..yup..want me some more of that. We moved to my couch and he stopped. He gave me a look and said before we go any further, I need this signed. I know Im killing the mood but its a non disclosure form. And yes I am taking a chance to write this..and Im being as vague as I can. He was so wonderful and such a gentleman..and for so long, i have wanted to write this story and looking over the NDA and it's outline, I am barely within the guidelines.

He wasn't the best sex I had ever had..but he was very attentive. When shooting wrapped he said goodbye and I've only seen him on television or in movies since. Still single..still beautiful. I would love to see him again. But there was no privacy and what privacy we did have, wasn't much.
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What a shame, it never is as good as we dream it will be. Please add me. Thanks.

Wow, you were with Woody Allen! That's crazy. :) Seriously, cool story!

Thanks for sharing - definitely sounds like the reality of what that would be like. I don't think you disclosed anything that gives an identity away, I sure don't have a clue after reading it! :)