My Non Boyfriend Boyfriend

I have a non boyfriend boyfriend and I don't know what to do... but I am happy.
We dated .. then we broke up .. still spoke then a little less than a month passed and we started seeing each other again. It's good. We get along great and we have a good time when we hang out together. It has been stated exclusive just not a labeled couple. We have been seeing each other now for six months... that doesn't include the time we dated. I want to know if we will ever actually be in a legit relationship again.. but as stupid as this sounds, I'm afraid to ask for I'm afraid to lose what I have.
I am happy being in his life and being in whatever "relationship" we are in. He's talked about kids .. in a joking manner sometimes but, recently he talked about it out of the blue on serious terms. Is it stupid of me to wonder what is going to happen between us?
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If your happy and it's good .. Why question it ?
He obviously has been thinking about the future so that is a sign in itself..... I know people that have been together for years and they were so unhappy , they took a break , started just seeing each other again without the boyfriend girlfriend title and they were amazing together .
Sometimes we don't need labels .. If your happy . Go with the flow and enjoy it :)

No you're not stupid just a little naive.A guy that sees a future with you will make sure that you know where you stand in his life.Apparently because u'r questioning if your "relationship" will go to the next step means that you are not sure.I think you can talk to him about it in a non confrontational way.guys hate it when they're asked about where a relationship is heading.