Do I Believe What I Want To Believe?

I am in a relationship where the only thing missing is the title.
If you didn't know we didn't have a title and you saw us or spoke to us you, like others, would think we were an official couple.
We are together often, see each others families, take care of each other when in need, we are comfortable and respect each other.
He speaks about marriage and about having children together.

So do I continue to love this person and be happy with the time I have with them? Maybe something more serious will grow as time goes on. We have been in a relationship once, and now have been in our "seeing each other" stage for 6 months.

Do I believe myself and him? Or do I listen to the comments on the forums telling me I'm being played?

FallenForTheIdiotInUniform FallenForTheIdiotInUniform
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 19, 2013

Have you told him about your concerns? Does not having a title really bothers you? Other than that,do u feel that he's committed to you and only you.