Maybe You Can Define It?

I have been seeing a guy for the last month. He and I went to school together, and were more than friends, but not dating back then. I have since had a lot of different things happen in my life, he also has been scorned by a woman he dated for a year.
When we first got together, we had decided it would be a strictly FWB relationship, but as most everyone knows, feelings always seem to occur with those. So of course, it happened. He took me to meet his friends, and then the week I was dealing with my monthly and we decided we would take off, he took me to hang out with his friends 3 nights that week. Just watching movies and cuddled up on the couch with him.
Last week, he told me he loved me. I have to admit I was shocked, but I had kinda been feeling the same way, and have for the last 10 years (since we first had our little fling in school). So after a little shock, and a lot of time thinking how crazy this seemed, I said it back. Within 2 hours he was sending me a message telling me I was too pushy with what I wanted, and he wasn't sure if he wanted me or if he wants his ex who did him 10 kinds of wrong. He said he feels like he owes her some chance to state her side of the story, and feels like he might want to have sex with her just to see if he feels the same way about her he does me. Then turns back around and says he loves me not 3 texts later. I should mention I took his virginity. He was "waiting" for me but wasn't sure if I was ever going to give him that chance. I need to know if this sounds like it could go any where or not. I personally have been through a lot of male drama, and always seem to pick the winners. I don't want to be hurt again, and really am thinking it might be best to walk away from this before it gets worse.
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Jan 20, 2013