Complicated Relationship!!!!!!!

my relationship is just way too complicated here I knew a guy from past three years i met him once through our common friend.....v rarely talked on Facebook or chat between those year he was my crush but during that time he was committed with someone else so I didn't let him know my feelings for him...But years later suddenly we spoke on Facebook again that time he was single n I too had a break up so I tried to flirt with him and even he did the same....we ended up being in a relationship through Facebook just for the trial if it works out but we couldn't meet as he had his exams n I was also busy coz of something's but v chatted on text or on-line.....slowly-slowly we started texting less as due to studies but things were all going fine!!!! and then he asked to take a break not a break up so that he can focus for his boards i agreed to it and but we were like same saying I love U and also and even wished one month anniversary few days later he msged me that he can't carry on with the relationship as his parents saw our chat and he was being scolded and grounded and also his parents said to finish everything right now.....I tried to convince him but he just agreed to it then some how he said he will meet me after his board exams which is like after 2 months!!!!!! but he was like he don't know weather we vll go out again....n now I seriously like him n more over he was my crush 2-3 years back.....I can't effort to loose him but i dont even wanna make things complicated for both of us please help me with this
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Jan 20, 2013