Former Complications, Cause Current Complications

My Current GF and I(both 18 now), have currently been dating for 5 months now:), its going pretty smooth, other than the occaisnal fight, and drama that may happen at parties.


But before we began dating, we would hangout a couple times a week, for about 2 months...she was crazy about me, she wanted me so bad, she wanted me to ask her out..but i didn't want too, because i was shallow back than, and immature, one night we were hanging out, and she asked me if we were seeing each other/dating..and i said NO, its not my thing, and that id never date you ever:(


She was devastated and heartbroken, so for an entire month we didn't hang out, at all, just talked on "msn" sometimes, but it seemed like we just be friends...during the month she still wanted me, but thought she never have me, so out of frustation, at a party, she made out with some other boy,,they ended up going upstairs, and kissing...they never did anything else tho her first EVERYTHING!!, lol other than kissing of course, we met in gr 12:), and at 2 other partys that month, some kid kissed this wouldnt bother me at all, we werent dating of course


but during that month, i actually realized i missed this girl!!! and i was crazy bout her, so i asked her out, she got her dream guy, and i got the girl that i eventually fell for:):)


but lately, ive been thinking bout those people she kissed, after we stopped hanging out for a month, because i didn't want her, and she knew i didn't want her....but now i cant see myself being without her, and cant believe i didn't want her back than...ironic eh??


well this is really bugging me? but it shouldn't right? its like i feel guilty for what happened, and im not happy lately:(:( we seem to fight all the time, because i make a big deal out of the littlest things!! and i hate it, i just want it to be better? but everything bothers me, and i cant feel better??


Any advice?, or am i just funneling here?



rollingman rollingman
3 Responses Oct 5, 2008

u r funneling. just breathe and be happy u woke up and saw the gem u never knew was there. accept ur responsiblity and have her understand hers and moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove on!! ur 18 and this is the begining of a long life......let it be and it will be, but suffocate it and it will die!!!

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