Why Family Or Friends See His Control?

After having a conversation with a good friend (you can read it at "You Were Never Good Enough: EP Link ), I realize--in a deeper way that this break-up was the best thing for me.

Not just because he was emotionally controlling. But because when things did get worse--because in controlling relationships they always do--none of his family or any of our friends would ever believe he was really this way. Manu has charm: he's funny, entertaining, and seems very loving and sincere, and also Christian. We're both Christian. But I'm more reserved and easily misunderstood.

From all this I've learned: To listen to God and your inner voice about men, and that if he can't take you JUST THE WAY YOU ARE--then SCREW HIM: He doesnt deserve you!
RitaRee RitaRee
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3 Responses Jul 24, 2011

I agree - even though it's easier said than done, because it's easy to think "I understand that he can't accept that part of me".

I totally agree, you should be loved just the way you are :)

I'M with you