Need Advice, Is This Controlling Or Needs To Work N Anger?

So my boyfriend paid for my cell phone, (he offered) and there have fights where he has taken it away from me, shut it off or thrown it across the room. When I do something to make him angry he breaks up with me and than starts balling his eye out how hard this is for him, and than when I dont chase him he says " you had a chance to stop me". I was on a vacation with my family and he asked me if i slept with any one down there. When weve gotten in to a fight hell leave and ill lock the door and hell come back banging on my windows or door to be let in. He doesnt do this now but when we first started dating if a guy talked to me or wrote on my wall hed quiz me and ask if i ever slept with them. He bought me a phone, a 400$ wallet. If I break up with him hes like lets do therapy (in fairness he suggested before i did break up with him) and work on our problems. After a fight hes really sweet and sorry and i always forgive him. The other day because he cancelled our plans and made other ones and a 10 mins after he cancelled (and i made other ones) he said never mind lets hang out and i was like I already made plans he got super pissed, and said you cant do that to people, and than refused to do something (that we have been planning for him to do for a month, id lose money if he didnt) because I treat him like ****. On the flip side he is the first guy to take me to dinner, or get me flowers, to go to the ER with me and hold my hand the whole time, or help around the house or with my dog. Or to help with bills when Ive been short ( I work two jobs and do college) Hes held me through every bad experance of the last year etc. Do you think hes controlling or is this something he could work on? Please help
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me too. except im married to it. its control.