I Am In A Controlling Relationship"

one day my wife's some far away relative has came our house .my wife and he were good friends of childhood.he stayed for a week in our home.. i always sleep on floor .my wife sleeps on bed .on that day she ask me to sleep in next room where her relative (sam) is sleeping ..i happly move there.next day when i wake up i saw sam was not in my room .he was in my wife room .he enjoyed my wife in her bed .both were naked .both were in each other arms. i ask my wife ,what she was doing with him .she relpied ,she was not have enjoyed me far marriage ..so she had sam and will have still he leaves home.he and she were had fun for week in front of me and i was controlling my self..............now she is pergant  ...........
ravikuma ravikuma
22-25, M
2 Responses May 21, 2012

i am sure u don't diverse that

im so sorry to hear that, damn! how do you feel about being with her? i dont understand why she'd be so cruel....

she is like that only