A few weeks ago I offered to give my bf $ 200.00 to help him buy this beautiful snake he wanted so badly. It costs $700.00 shipped. We have been "home" now for a few days. right after that conversation he ended up going to the hospital for MERSA. I was there every night and day caring for him. He has 1 other snake at home btw. He brought it up yesterday about me giving him $200.00. He cant get that "other" snake that I told him I'd give him the $200.00 to help get. H said that he expected me to give it to him regardless because I said id help him. The $200.00 is his to do whatever with he said. He was super heated during this conversation as well. I was calm as a cucumber. Really I offered because this snake was amazing. I don't have money to just give away to someone? especially after all theses new medical bills we have. I make $11.00/hr. and he makes $16.00. I've helped him with so much in his life like buying groceries, helping with gas, or any personal items we/he may need. We pay 50/50 on everything. He kind of took over our budget and started writing it out mine, and his. He says anything extra we should put in his lock box for emergencies. He has the only key. I don't like how he's trying to take over everything. I've told him this but he just flips out and turns the table to "how" He gets upset instantly and very defensive. Its like talking to a brick wall, you cannot get anything through to the other person because he's already in the mind set of he's right, its going his way, conversation over period. Advice please...
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You need to leave. Things like this don't stop with just one thing, it WILL get worse. I'm in a situation right now that started out very similar to yours. She has control of all of our money, and now I want to leave, and I can't bc I don't have any money just to myself to be able to do so. Please get out while you can.