Crisis is a way of life. I wake up to one, and go to bed with one. I slip in and out of crisis-es throughout the day. I haven't found the remedy. I find myself hyperventilating more than breathing so whats the solution to crisis? I'm not much for drugs. I guess you have a way to purge yourself, that's after you define crisis. Have a definition?

Elviris Elviris
46-50, F
2 Responses Feb 15, 2009

Let's see - crisis; 1. When your 11 year old tells you at 7:15 pm that she volunteered you to make 40 cup cakes for her class tomorrow. 2. When your husband calls at 4:40 in the afternoon on a Friday informing you that he's brings a couple of guys over for dinner and you've sent the kids to Mom's house for the night.

ahh self hypnosis thats a class act way to remedy the high stress day to day life situations I would prefer if someone would just give me back my lolly-pop