Never Felt This...

This feeling.

That everything that once mattered, might as well punch me in the stomach and leave.

Oh wait, it already has.

You really want to know what it is? 
I make one mistake. One. And everybody hates me.

Maybe, no one really loved me to begin with. But I can't believe that.. I don't want to.

This is just perfect. Shows that you hardly ever get a second chance.
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3 Responses Nov 26, 2012

I mean sister! Sorry! I usually don't pay attention on the profiles of people..
But Hey! Thanks to that mistake I might pay attention on profiles next time! =)

Stay strong bro!
The fact that you're still alive means that you do have a second chance.. I mean you still have your chances...
Pain and experiences are inevitable..
But that doesn't mean that you should stop living and pretend that there is nothing else to live for...
These things will make you wise.. =)

Thank you. I really appreciate it. Oh and I don't mind if you call me bro... Ahaha, I call people dude all the time, not paying attention that it could be a girl. Eh, old habbit. :P

don't feel like that.
at times, we believe that something is very immportant for us, but the real thing is that, at times, that thing is not immportant at all, and is poisoning our life, so we have to take it away and look for what really matters.

i see we share the same age (if you didn't lie about your age when you entered) so i can tell that this particulary age make us feel bad and we can fall into depression very quickly, but remember: good things doesn't arrive quickly, you have to wait for it.

a little advice, i have interest on your history (you didn't give reasons, so you are a little bit unconfident) so please tell more about that situation, so i and the other members can aid you

When everything that mattered so much to me, is taken away from me, what then? Didn't it really matter? Why, because it's gone now?
I'm 16, but I've been through hell. And I'm still here.

You know, it just hurts. To talk about it. To be reminded of all of your mistakes.

it hurts to talk about your mistakes... may be, but if you trus somebody you should talk about your mistakes so you can receive aid.

think about this: the fact of you joining experience project means you want help from others who lived the same situation but... if you don't share your history you'll not find these people and you wont get help.

of course you can just read these experiences and try to find help, still, i insist you should post your history but if you don't want, i'm nobody to force you