My Very Bad Situation

I am pregnant and just out of highschool. I have part of a scholarship to go to Wayne State Community College, but I can't attend classes the way I am now and when the baby is born I think i'll be too busy taking care of her to do anything else. I also can't get a job and really need one to pay for all the expenses of a new baby. My parents are stuggling enough just to pay the mortgage payment, water, gas, utilities without having to fork over more money for the new baby. The only thing I have for it is a quilt my grandma made for it. We also don't have anymore room in the house for a nursery and my room is very small so I don't know what's going to happen, but I don't have enough money to get my own place and my mom wouldn't want me to anyhow, she is so excited about her new and only granddaughter on the way. I have MANY, MANY problems
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Coolie, do NOT give up on your education. I know that here in Canada there are aid programs for women in your situation, and there must be something similar in the U.S. (and by the way it is NOT the WORST thing that could happen to have your health and the desire to do the right thing by your baby and a supportive mother....all of these blessings)...believe me if I could I would help you!!! You are about to welcome one of life's most wonderful experiences...a whom you owe the best you can offer...and getting done with your education (whatever it takes) is an important step to being able to provide for your child in the future. It may be difficult in the beginning and you will struggle to finish your schooling, but think about the long term benefits...

Start doing massive research on single parent assisting. There is definitely help out there.

Thanks saurabh.

I know this is gonna sound too much bookish, but I have my experience with it. <br />
Your heart is gonna give you the solution in time. You just have to listen to it. <br />
I have just sent a prayer for you. Believe me. Everything will turn out for the best.

yeah, i will. thanks for the advice everybody.

Go to college. You'll hate yourself later if you don't. Being a mother is a full-time commitment, but at least you have your mother to help with watching the baby. Also, if your fiancee is working during the day, take night classes. Don't waste your chance for a higher education- it will be the only way you can build a life for your child as he/she grows up. Find a way to make it work, or your problems will only grow deeper and more numerous.

Thank you for your advice. I appreciate it. It would be a wonderful solution if he didn't have a full time job and has been working overtime since he found out I was pregnant and is trying to provide for us. Thanks again.

I'm sorry to hear you have so many problems to deal with. I was glad to hear, though, that your mum is excited about your baby. She sounds supportive. Can the father help out in any way? Maybe look after the baby when you're at college? I hope that you find a solution soon. Good luck!