OK so here is the deal. I just need to vent and get advice. I am in a long distant relationship with someone. He works for a national park and so gets no signal where he is. I recently took a job almost 500 miles away and we haven't seen or spoke on the phone in over a month. In that month I have went to Europe started a new job moved with little money so high stress and am away from significant other. The only communication we do have is every so often he can get online and write. But when he does it is so little it just ****** me off instead of making me happy to hear from him. Recently he was at some es houses who has a phone and when I asked if he could call he said he was trying. But never did. That hurt especially after all the changes that have been going on in my life. I don't know what happened and I would love to give him the benefit of the doubt but it is hard. When I ask what he sees for our future he says I don't know which hurts even more. I can't talk to family because they don't get it and I don't know what to sag to friends when they ask if we are together.I am hurting right now help
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hey brat, I have no idea why u picked that nickname but back to ur story. I think he isnt serious enough. And he could be trying to avoid talking to you. I think he is also very occupied in his own life that he may be not even noticing how distant he has become to the relationship. Either you both agree that it's going nowhere and break it off or one of you get the courage to go out and see each other and talk about it face to face. It really is up to you I think. How far are you willing to go, and what it is your looking for. Ask yourself these questions before u ask him about the relationship, good luk and I hope everything goes well for ya.