Today changed everything.

I've been struggling so badly with behaving lately. I don't know why... It could be many things. My friend reassured me today that it's just a phase I'm going through. That was very helpful as I'd been feeling discouraged (thank you again for that 💕)

So... I've been told I'm only to weigh myself once this week. I get a bit ... Obsessed... When losing weight. I promised I would.

But I didn't. At least twice a day I stepped on that scale. That was against the rules we've discussed time and again. He's taken away the scale for good now.

But the worst part is coming. I disobeyed a major rule... Playing with my phone in the car. Texting while driving. I did it at stop lights but that's still strictly forbidden. When asked if I was obeying that rule on Wednesday, I said yes. I knew I had not. 😕

The very next day a friend called me out on it. I was mortified and it came to me how very disobedient I had been!

I confessed last night.
He was very upset. He gave me an angry swat and told me he was disappointed and I needed to learn a hard lesson. We've been through this particular issue many many times. He was too tired last night and wanted to give me his full attention. I slept fitfully 😕

This morning I got what I had coming to me.

'Darling, go upstairs and get ready for me.'

'Yes sir.'

I waited. Then ********. I knew he would want me to feel humbled in this way.

He came up after I heard him tell the kids they were not allowed upstairs for a while until we called them and set them up with the TV.

Get in position'

I obeyed immediately. I grabbed a pillow then lay over the bed, bottoms up. I heard him rummaging and out came two paddles, the strap and a cane. I slowly closed my eyes. This was going to be tough. I resolved to be very good for my punishment.

'Young lady, this has to stop. I am very disappointed in you.'

His hand crashed on my bottom, stinging. Then came the strap.

'You WILL NOT lie to me.' The strap came down heavily for emphasis.

'Yes sir. I'm so sorry honey.'

'You're going to be.' (Gulp.)

The strap whipped my bottom, sit spot, thighs, inner thighs. It burned. Then came the rubber paddle. He whipped it over and over again. 'I expect obedience. You will be PERFECT in the car with your phone.'

'Yes sir.'

The tears started a bit. Then came the cane, goodness I hate it. He whipped it over and Over. 'Am I perfectly clear?'

'Yes sir.' A naughty little girl getting exactly what she needs. Deserves.

Then back to the strap. My bottom was on fire now, too much pain to shed a tear. It took all my resolve to lay there and willingly be whipped. I concentrated. I gave in to him completely.

It was finally over, and he drew me in for a hug. 'Do you forgive me?' 'Of course I do.' Followed by a gentle kiss. I felt feminine and beautiful. Special. HIS.

'Now go stand in that corner and think about how you're going to be better behaved.'

Nose in the corner, I waited. I heard him undress. He called me, 'come here darling'

I came into bed and he bid me put my head on his chest. He held me close and I breathed in his masculinity. I felt truly loved... Every part of me cherished. 'Thank you my love.'

I asked permission to please him. Slowly I worked down... Thanking the man who took the time to lovingly discipline me.

I told him I needed him to use me. I needed him. It just felt right.

He grabbed me and laid me down. 'Please, take me by the hair.' He knows how much I love that.

He pulled tight , scalp stinging, bottom burning... and slid in.

We didn't have sex. We made LOVE. Passionate, beautiful, all encompassing. It was beautiful.

I rested peacefully in his arms. Content through and through.

I am his 💕
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7 Responses Aug 16, 2014

it is good you live in marriage of DD that is how it shuold be an you disobey an got what you deserve just as my wife would of gotten

that's awesome

Wow. Beautiful


good writing

You write very well. Thank you for sharing.

I agree very beautiful.