I am getting ready to start my period, and my regular premenstrual syndrome symptoms are in full swing - irritability and impatience as the main ones. It is so hard to control my mouth and responses, and not to be snippy. (You can check out my blog for details of what happened today due to this issue.)

Two questions: (1) Does your HoH cut you any slack during this time of the month? (2) Have any strategies on how to lesson reacting to the irritability and impatience that are triggered by hormones?
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I got no slack, and many spanking during PMS or on my periods but oddly enough I think they really helped me.
A spanking followed by some rough intercourse seem to really reduce my cramping and keep them less while on my period. Blushing how many of use are constipated, the week before our periods adding to our PMS discomfort?

We all have to learn to control ourselves regardless of how we feel. So that said, it is not unreasonable to be allowed some room, perhaps a bit of a warning when you are letting it roll more than you should.
However, it is up to your husband. Anything said here is simply opinions and experiences of people who don't know you as well as he does.
Hugs doll

Yes, we do have to learn to control ourselves. I have always tried in the past but I now have a huge added incentive. Still, I seem to be struggling at the moment with it. I have shown my HoH all of the posts, and the decision is his. I appreciate hearing the range of experiences. And of course, I appreciate all your advice and guidance. :)

Give yourself a break dear. This is all still quite new to you. In a few months you will be amazed at the difference. If this is a huge problem for you talk to your doctor about pms symptoms. There are thinks you can do or take. Things to avoid to make it easier.