Got 30 licks tonight. They were the worst I've ever had. I literally collapsed to the floor and begged him to just give me a break. "Please give me the corner to catch my breath and then start again." But Sir, as he is now titled, pulled me up from the floor by my ponytail and flipped me over like a rag doll. I'm 6'0, He is a powerhouse! I couldn't hold my position At ALL. I even got a belted pinky because I reached back so many times. So much more painful than the 54 from his belt yesterday. My inexperienced DD *** is so raw! I've got welts, slight bruising & a knot on one cheek. He also introduced a (very detailed) daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedule that WILL be up held or its "black widow" to my ***. And lets just say after ONE lick with it through my jeans in the garage....The cleaning will be done! Ouch, ouch!
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The garage is a good place to feel pain. First on your jeans, than naked and lashes between your asscheeks. After that you will take the car and drive away with burning buttocks. You will drive to fast and get caught by the police. There are new rules and you will get a caning on your bare *** instead of a fine.

Well sounds like you learned. Add me please.

Perhaps if you bent over something like a chair, bed or table dear. It is acceptable to discuss this with him. As to reaching I suggest finding something to keep those hands busy. Roll them in the comforter of the bed hold a pillow.
Or worse but it works. Hold an implement you hate even more in them knowing if you let go it will get used.
Breath doll anticipating messing up puts you in a mind set to mess up. You are going to be just fine. There is a learning curve to all of this and you are very normal. Hugs

Sigh of relief

I mean I can't get it right. Sirs or ladies I really want this, but I couldn't stand this punishment. **** me If I mess up tomorrow. Which, we know I WILL! He mentioned a wench for the garage ceiling with handcuffs if I can't learn to hold position. ****, I think he's serious.

I love reading your replies tihtil. They make me feel grounded again. Thanks for sound advice. Btw I had the pillow, he's so strong tho! Sir is built like a line backer (which I love when we are intimate and he's in control). He just has such power. I dropped to the floor at least 3 times pleading. I know I can do better, I don't want the wench.

You may be his wench, but i think he was referring to a "winch", unless he planned on installing a young peasant girl (wench) to lay along the garage beams and hold your hands up above your head. ;-)

Lol, no quite literally a wInch. Maybe that's what I need to be still tho. Ugh, that's terrible. I would be so embarrassed hanging there. Oh dear.

You did 30 is very reasonable. How would you have been punished?

My Wife has one of those "horrid rubber paddles" made of neoprene rubber with holes in it. I call it the "rubber paddle strap" because it has the qualities of both a paddle and a strap. She bought it from Cane-iac.

I am going to recommend that to my Wife, although the problem is not my putting my hands back. I don't, but i do roll around too much on the bed when i am being punished by her and she does not like it. All too often i hear her sharply reprimand me, "Stay Still!" or "Lay Still!". Perhaps having my wrists and ankles tied would help me to stay in position.

Fantastic advice, Tihtil. I struggle with staying still and not reaching back, I haven't gotten nearly as many as Brandspankinnew. I am going to try to apply what you have written to see if I can be more successful.

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What did Sir use to lay the welts, bruises, and knot (which will become a hellacious bruise in a few days) on your bottom? And what did you do to deseve this sound punishment? Finally, what is a Black Widow? Since it obviously isn't the arachnid.

Just his leather belt. I disobeyed him while we were out. I'm not allowed outside of the house until Saturday. Except at his order, and is essentials only. I lied about having to use the restroom in the long check out line, leaving him and our child in line while I really went to look at clothes in the store. I was just going to look, honestly. I'd already decided but to even touch! Guess who called my name down the aisle? Sir was not pleased. But he was okay. But when we got home my ******* mouth did it again. That night I was trying to arouse him, rubbing his thighs, soft kisses, & I said I want to rm climb on and and ***, let me make love to you. Sir said no, bc he was "to tired" I'm very sensitive to this rejection and we both know that. Anyway, it hurt my feelings & started a tiff. But then *foot in mouth* Yada yada yada "you're to tired to **** me, then you're to tired to punish me" door closes, "get you're *** in position right now and take Em off!!!" You know the rest.
Is this too long? Sry.

I do not think it is long. I prefer long stories with details. That is how I learn from this too. And I think it makes the support system better. I'm nut good with that rejection either. I'm sorry that happened

It isn't too long at all, and what you did was, I'm sorry to say, inexcusable. You lied to him, you disobeyed him, you certainly sassed him, and you insulted his manhood by implying that he didn't have it in him to make love to you, instead of accepting the fact that he was plumb tired. You deserved every lick you received, linebacker or not. And may I make one suggestion, please: when i was growing up, girls practically never cursed in public. It was considered coarse and undignified. i realize that girls nowadays use curse words as much as men, but it does not make it any less coarse or undignified. Push comes to shove, i will bet that 90% of men do not like to hear a girl, especially their wife, curse like a sailor any more than their wives like to hear them swear a blue streak. Just my opinion. Based on no empirical evidence, other than 60+ years of living and seeing things change over the years.

This is a complete implement of opportunity. Black widow is a fish net/scoop. Made of metal, with net at one end(sir holds that end), braided wire stem and a 3 inch loop/handle at the end. The loop is dipped in a plastic sealant, the stem isn't. This isn't like the cheapy green fish scoop you get at Walmart. Sir had a very large tank until recent. This is long and much thicker/stronger than those in a dept. Store. I got one swat (practice) through my shorts and panties in the open garage yesterday. I was marked for almost an hour! Ouch!

I don't think you want the black widow. Not if you were marked for almost an hour from one practice swat through shorts and panties. You can almost bet that the next time, those shorts and panties will be around your ankles and your hands tied, for your own good, so you don't reach back and get a broken knuckle. Bottoms are for paddling, hands are for holding. You might suggest that Sir purchase a Loopy Johnny. They come in all different sizes and "strengths", all of which will welt and hurt like the dickens. We have a very old, metal rug beater which has a wooden handle, braided wire stem and fancy wide metal loop with lots of little loops within the large loop. I imagine it too would leave marks through my pants based on my experience beating rugs with it, as it is intended for. In Europe, however, wicker and cane rug beaters used to be used regularly for spanking.

While I really appreciate your input. Sir made it clear when we spoke casually in the beginning discussions of DD that the implements would be his choice only. And considering my utter disobedience in stealing the belt, sigh, twice, I suspect I should tread lightly and leave the decision to Sir. He is I. Charge of my discipline and it's not my place to suggest or question him.

-Woah! Did I(me, myself) just write that sentence!?! Small steps baby, but this strong sassy southern woman might have accepted a very basic principal. Hmm, feels kind of....nice.....really nice.

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