My contract with you Sir. (adapted from C's loving discipline blog.)

1) I will never hold up the disciplinary process by arguing the justification of my punishment spankings. Whether I think it is just/unjust I will receive and graciously accept.

2) I will never procrastinate and try and stall the disciplinary process.

3) I will never refuse the disciplinary process by telling you I have a migraine, back ache or feel generally unwell.

4) I will never brat you into spanking me.

5) I will never remind you to punish me if you so happen to forget. (Unless directed by you to remind you.)

6) I will never cover up my bottom with my hands or buck with my feet to try and stop the flow of your loving correction.

7) I will never plead for you to stop spanking me; tell you how much it hurts, or how sorry I am in the hope of you stopping - unless you request it I won't say anything at all.

8) I will be respectful at all times during the disciplinary process – if it really hurts I will bite my lip, or hold a pillow to my face. After all "Discipline is meant to hurt, but never harm."

9) I will always keep my position.

10) I will always apologize to you before my discipline.

11) I will always thank you after my discipline.

12) I will always describe what I have learned after my discipline and I will listen to your leadership and advice in how to resolve my bad behavior. I will offer you strategies and we will discuss how I will try to maintain my desired behavior.

13) I will always call you "Sir" during my discipline.
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3 Responses Aug 28, 2014

l do so love your style and attitude ! good girl ! mmmmm

I am glad you can be open and honest about who you are and what you want from your relationship. Far too many narrow minds about today

Those are hard rules for a woman being punished to follow, but are very good goals. By following them the discipline will go better for both the wife and her husband.

A great deal of it depends on the person and their nature. I am fully capable of these things. Some women simply are not. We all have different reactions and pain tolerance levels. No judgments on those who are not following this list or do things differently.