I am a little embarrassed to post this but, who else do I have to tell this too?
I have been very moody for about a week, maybe two. I felt like it was justified because my husband pissed me off, then my son started with his attitude from hell. Well, I just can't seem to let things go as quickly as they can. I stay mad for at least 3 days, then in an instant I'm not mad anymore. For an instant on Tuesday I was not mad and text him and asked if I was going to be punished? Neither of us spoke about it again until Thursday night. He said he did not think I should be spanked until we work through the problems we are having. I immediately agreed because I was already mad again and had no intention of ever submitting to him again. Then Friday came.. Our sons birthday. The second I picked him up from school he had an instant attitude (I will be so glad when he actually hits puberty) which put me back in a bad mood. Needless to say all hell broke loose at our house last night. We all talked and my husband said that we were all going to dinner as we planned and have a good time, just to let everything go. At dinner I was still mad and my son and husband chatted and seemed to have a good time while I sat there miserable. By the time we went to bed he told me that he had enough! He knew that we agreed that I was not going to be spanked for awhile but he felt it was time. I did not respond. I just went to the bathroom and crawled into bed, ignoring the fact that he was standing right beside the bed with the loopy Johnny in hand. When I refused to get out of bed and submit to this well deserved spanking, he through the loopy Johnny down and got into bed. He lectured me about my attitude and how I know I deserve a spanking. I laid there ignoring him. Then he said that the longer I wait the worse it will be. I got out of bed and he told me to drop my panties and bend over. He spanked me. I was still mad and went to sleep. Remarkably, I woke up this morning in a very humble and submissive mood. I thanked him for stopping me last night. Harmony has once again settled in our home. :)
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5 Responses Aug 30, 2014

Does he always spank you with a loopy Johnny? Sounds like that is a little extreme.

I understand. That loopy Johnny can really sting though!

My disciplinarian is looking for something that I would hate to be spanked with, the loopy Johnny certainly fits that bill!

Its amazing how much an attitude can be improved with a good hard spanking. Lucky you.

Glad you're feeling back on track!!

Oh sweetie I understand. Sometimes things can get away from you. I am glad he set things right and that you are feeling better.

Aww I'm sorry hun..we have def all been there and let emotions cloud our better judgment and pleasing attitude. I'm glad you both are in a better place today