Spanking Bench!
Instead of pillows daddy Jack bought a spanking bench with restraints!
A good thing for training obedience.
Many husbands feel justified in spanking when we woman get in position and hold still while being disciplined. Holding still takes practice and a bit of help- especially if he decides to use the strap, cane or riding whip. A spanking bench is such a great help here. Keeps your arms and legs in place and also stops twisting and squirming. It also exposes you if hubby should require sex. Also anal if he so desires.
JackAndJillDD JackAndJillDD
51-55, F
2 Responses Aug 18, 2014

You guys are the best! I want one too!

I like your final points. Spanking a sweet, round bottom does make a man awfully hard and you are responsible for that too.