My Best Friend

My best friend has done some pretty horrible things. I just started high school so she is really an new friend. First she gets really stressed out sometimes so i try to help her all the time. She has problems with her back so i help her but when i am not feeling well she doesn't even help me she just says sorry. Also she and her current boyfriend caused a huge drama with our group of friends. She was dating someone else, so was her current boyfriend. Then she made a plan with her current boyfriend to brake up with thier previous other half. More recently we have had a few school projects and she left me to finish them. I am currently ignoring her because she never realizes what she is doing. The other day we had class together where we normally sit next to each other, she got to class before me and she asked the teacher for a different seat. I am getting sick and tired of her "poor me" attitude. What should i do now?
DLucero DLucero
May 5, 2012