The Real Me

alright her it is. i've been in a gang since i was 11 yrs. old was raised in it. my baby daddy and his whole family is from the same gang and my son and daughter are next in line to take over. me and my ex husband are gangasta royalty. no i don't gang bang and do drive by's i haven't done that in about half a yr. my kids come first and i put them first no matter what!!
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26-30, F
2 Responses Jun 2, 2007

your gangsta rich so you have what $100

its actually a good thing that ur royalty, it gives u a better chance at survival. oh as far as ur kids being next i line, do u i plan on doing the same thing eventually if i dont decide to end my set with one final blow. oh btw wat gang are u in? and its just a question u dont have to answer. im not gonna try to g chek u or anything either.