7 Years In Ldm And Going Strong.


I will make this short as I have been spending way too long on the computer reading your stories! In point form, my life at the moment.

LDM for the past 7 years
Married 21 years
Two kids that I raised practically alone. They are now 19 and 16. One in University.
Husband comes home every 10 weeks or so for two weeks at a time.
Last two years I've been in a Social Service Worker program. (homework really passes the time!)
Live on a small hobby farm with 4 horses and 3 dogs, 1 sheep and 2 cats!
Bi-lingual thanks to marriage (french)

Great to find this site as at times I need some moral support!  Nice to meet you!
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7 Responses Jan 22, 2011

Wow, you are very cheerful and positive in your post.

I guess when you can't change things all you can be is positive....so I lived apart from my husband for almost 11 years and this winter I went to be with my husband from Jan to April 19 where we used to live in the Caribbean....good to miss the Canadian winter. Things are starting to be normal again but we will still be living apart for now for a few months in the summer/fall when I am in Canada. He has to find a job so we really do not know where we may end up living. Things will work out.

Yes, I have heard stories about that....ha. Last time I applied for a job they didn't call me until months later. I thought it was strange and I had forgotten all about it.....and I did get hired! Good luck on the interview!

We have Quarter horses, one paint gelding, and three gorgeous Missouri Foxtrotters. I did compete on the Quarter horses. I enjoy both for different reasons. This area of the country is beautiful, but the culture shock moving down here nearly drove me up the wall. Some of the backwoodsy, hillybilly thing is kind of charming, some of it just plain scarry....(ie: Winter's Bone- the movie)... Tommorow I have a job interview with a company I interviewed with six months back- they got what they paid for. I hope I have a good shot.... later.

Going back to school just about killed me! So much work, but now that I am practically finished (I'm on a placement now till April) I am glad that I did it. Out of 32 of us there are only 15 that will graduate and I am the oldest...<br />
The area you live in sounds beautiful...I've only seen photos...I've traveled a lot, but never much to the states..just Florida and New York. You probably did showing with Quarter horses right? My daughter did hunter with her pony and then with her Morgan horse. We have another pony plus my Paint gelding. Anyway, I am going out into the -25 weather to feed them more hay now!

Hi! Yes, I'm in southwest Missouri (near Branson- Table Rock Lake). It is cold here, but stick it out until about March 15fh and it is nice down here. I used to compete with horses, but now I enjoy trailriding and camp (not too rough, I have a nice LQ with a bed/bath/fridge) and the gorgeous scenery here in the Ozarks and in nearby Arkansas at the Buffalo River National Park. I envy you going back to school. I probably should've after my husband's accident....

Hi...actually the last two years I went back to school in a social service worker program. It would have been hard to do this on our own as our daughter is in university, but the government had a program for people that were laid off (and I had been) so somehow I was convinced to go back and I am glad I did. (wow..that was a run on sentence...)<br />
Anyway, since my daughter got older and grew out of her pony, even though I got her a different horse (and kept the pony) she was less into showing. I have an on again off again bad back so wasn't eager to ride. There are 4 of them out there doing nothing, but eating... but I am planning on riding as soon as I finish my schooling. I only want to find part time work as I find it is impossible to take care of everything at home and work till 5:00pm every night. Before I got busy with school, I was busy painting and wallpapering the house. I even did my Aunts house. (I painted summers as a kid so I am good at this..)<br />
That is the main reason I want to be home....there is always something to do around here...fences, gardens plus driving my son around) <br />
I was just out feeding the horses and it is -24c so these Canadian winters are impossible to really feel interested in doing any riding. Are you in the States?

WOWWEE!!! virtualmarriage! you have it MADE... I also live on a farm with horses, dogs, a cat... but I only wish my husband was "virtual" and had a regular job to help support this menagerie. I do realize that it could be lonely in your world. I spent 36 years of my life single with dogs, cats, horses... Somehow, I kept pretty busy and entertained with a small farm and my job and friends. Think of things that you can do to keep up or improve your place. The past two winters have made our place gorgeous by remodeling three baths with tumbled marble tile and vessel sinks...etc. We also put a fresh coat of paint on the interior (the house is 10 ys old), changed most of the lighting, and added solid surface countertops and tile backsplash in the kitchen... Yes, it costs a fortune, but savings is not earning anything. Do you ride your horses? that is my source of sanity that keeps me from absolutely going postal.