Long Distance-only Seeking Fellow Friends In Same Situation

Hello- I have been in a long distance relationship for almost 3 years now with my new husband from Italy. We have been apart approx 5-6 months at a time for these past years and talked long and hard before deciding we just couldn't live without the other; no matter the steps needed to reach that. I work for the schools so can go during vacations, etc to be with him. This time he came here and we were married. The original plan was to be married in Italy as we are not going to stay in the US however we changed due to family. By this time next year I will be there; that is the goal. We are open to the fact there could be more delays but have had a firm plan for years and so far have went through each hurdle with a successful end. He was here all summer this time and I fall more in love with him each time I think I couldn't love him more. We were married in the Smokies last month with our ups and downs; happy moments first as has been over these years. This is the shortest time we will be apart; only until Jan 1 then I am there for a month. Next he is planning to be here a couple months after that until we are only apart one more month until June at the end of the school year when I move. I miss him already; more then each other time. I am really just looking for a friend whom can understand how it is to be apart from the person you love so much; he is here for me and, like most of you, we talk on skype every night, phone and text during the day. We have done this for a long time and it is harder each time. This time seems the worst already but I don't want to give that to him; it will make him sad too. He doesn't need anything but the very best; I would really like another that can talk to me and just understand the moments you can really miss the other. I am very positive and can help as well as I know there are others feeling the same. 
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A long distance marriage will fail if there is a lack of trust between the partners Give one another a scented pillow case or shirt to help keep your presence with them<br />
I hate this distance in between us, I hate how distance is a major problem for all of us, I hate how distance kills so many things, it kills when you cant be there with her face to face. It hurts when you cant hug her when she sad, when she in the most horrible condition, because she too far. I hate distance, because no matter how much effort I put in there, theres always problems that arise

I feel your heartache, anger and many other emotions that you are feeling. I am as well in a long distance relationship/marriage with my now husband of 3 months exactly as of today....looking for a little girl talk and venting on just how difficult this is.