Long Distance Marriage, Due To Court And Ex Husband Opposing The Move With Our Children.

I married my husband on our birthdays in July.  Due to circumstances we have lived apart since a week after our wedding.  I am struggling to find work in a very small town where I moved to when I married my ex husband.  My husband is struggling to find a second job and a house to rent so that we may begin the court hearing to relocate to his state.  It's been a long struggle with a few years of dating long distance and now a marriage.  I am hurt and angry that my ex is allowed to keep my girls and I here.  My last marriage ended because my ex headbutted my daughter (his step daughter that he helped raise since she was 4).
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Hi Shannon, please give us an update

I know you wrote this a while ago. But, I am in the same situation with the same feelings of frustration. I really want to know how this turned out for you. Believe me I totally understand.

I realize that this was written quite a while ago, what was the outcome? I hope that it was successful...regardless, wishing you the best of luck! (augustgirl69 - you could not have said it better when it comes to the courts!) =)

I could have written your post. It is do hard and the courts SUCK! They do not care. Much love to you!!