What Do You Say?

I'm not sure how to start or end when giving an overlay of myself. I'm married, 25, and in a Long distance relationship... My husband is English, was born in England, lives in England... I'm not. I was born and raised in the states, and this is where I live still. (I won't go on about how hard it is, because anyone who's in a LDR like this knows already!) Basically I try keep life pretty normal. I have a standard little local job in a bakery. I'm trying day to day to better myself mentally and physically. << It's kind of difficult! Don't get me wrong, I can be a very happy positive person, and it's coming more naturally as I get older; but I can also be very naturally sad for no reason really (which can really unbalance things with Matt and I). We try to see eachother twice a year, and I frequently have to face the questions with family, friends and work "It must be so difficult being apart, do you miss him?" Hahaha, ahhh, usually I just ignore it and laugh to myself later, wondering how that's a real question... Or i over think everything and get a bit bummed out... I know it's just people trying to make conversation.. Maybe.. Does anyone have any clever responses to the typical LDR questions? I usually just think up some responses before I encounter people... I think of what I'll say, how I'll answer it, and so forth, just to be prepared and not really think about it. Someone throws out the typical "It must be soooo hard...." *they make that face that shows a pity and sadness that makes you feel pathetic* What do you do? I usually just smile and say 'hah, yeahhhh, well, you know" quickly in passing... : Eeeek!
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I have similar questions as a lot of people mistake my son for my brother so when I hear older people complaining about young people getting pregnant without knowledge of my son, I just join in! I'll say things like "children having children, it's just not right" And they'll agree. It's hilarious! If I was you I would have fun with it When they say "it must be so hard" Id break down then run out the room!