Are These Signs That My Wife Doesn't Want Me Anymore?

i am a filipino and my wife is a romanian. she went back to romania for a vacation. then went to italy to work. there started her changes. she easily gets irritated at me now. i send her text messages and call her everyday. but she said she wants me to stop because she's being tortured thinking how can we be together again when we lost almost all of our savings in the first year of our marriage. she told me sometimes she's thinking of giving up. she said she's having a better life now and she wants to secure her future and check herself if she can be happy without me. she said she never regret being with me and she loves me very much but she needs to find her hapiness first.our main problem is money! i am trying to understand her but it's hurting me a lot since i invested a lot in our relationship. i can even say i gave my all and i want to still give it all to her. i don't want to lose my wife.i want to move to romania but she said it's hard and she still want to earn more while she's still young.she's 25 now! i want to believe and have faith that she will come back to me but she keeps on telling me she wants to find her hapiness. she changed a lot! she told me before that even if we don't earn a lot as long as we are together that is more than enough. but things changed now... i don't know what to do because i really love her more than anyone else in the world.i love her more than myself... please advice.... thank you and god bless!

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if i was u i would tell her how ii felt

i know how u feel. sometimes i really wanna give up myself all the time when everything remind me of my husband. but, then he told me to remember once again our dreams. maybe u should told her so, what is your both dreams. maybe she can understand. but, if she still wanted to reach her happiness first, u have to let her go. or if u do love her more than your life, do anything to be with her. anything.

hahaha i can relate situation is very similiar and i am going to give up on my marriage.i am married to a filipina and she lives in the philippines and i live here in the very unhappy because in the next 3 years we will be together for 50 days.that doesnt work for me.meanwhile she fully expects me to send here money.i told her the first day that i met her that i would not bring her to america.that was just never my intentions.i was going to retire to the philippines and live there but my money ran out quick and i had very bad luck here with a job.i made a big mistake going there 3 times,getting married and spending all of my money.on top of all of this we fight about everything.we dont get along well together at all.i send her money,and she complains its not enough??my god she was starving when i met her.i have found it very difficult to quit her as i do care about her but i cannot continue to be the fool here.i feel stupid doing this and my friends and family are telling me to stop being wife has never contributed one peso to our relationship but still manages to complain about everything.on top of that,she is 49 years old and not all that god,i can be with a very young and good looking girl there if i want to only 56 myself and not bad looking at all.i married her because i am an honest descent person and i wanted to keep my word to her but now i just regret it really.i could go on and on but ill stop for now and wait for any advice from other members