I am in long distance marriage for 5 years. My husband is in the navy and we are childless/childfree. Over the years, I've learned to accept the reality that I'm gonna be spending many special occasions alone, and so does my husband. I am just so lucky that mine is a very loving and undedrstanding husband. I just hope and pray he'll stay the same for a lifetime. Living needlessly alone is quite manageable and bearable because of him. He makes our long-distance marriage normal. Thanks to technology. I think i can't last a day without talking to him over the phone. Everytime he comes home, it seems that time is so short but when he's gone again,how long it's been! We are dedaling with two unusual and pretty challenging situations-our being far from each other and our not having children yet. But then again, that don't seem to bother us because we have come to a decisive end to accept things as they are for as long as our love for each other is still burning and we put God in the center of our marriage.
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It is clear that you are in love. I know it is hard being apart, but it's great that you enjoy your time together and have common agreement. I hope you can make arrangements to be together before too long. When people are in a long distance relationship, we need to have goals for how to be together more often or permanently in the future.

yes you are still lucky to have a loving husband and yes God should be in the center of your marriage, I'm sure God has a plan for you both soon :), something really good reward. trust HIM. I'm in a long distance marriage too, I know how it feels but believe me ur lucky :)