She's Worth The Distance

I live in Pa. and my wife lives in NJ.  We met online in July of 2008 and got married in Aug. of 2009.  I don't regret our Long Distance Relationship because my wife, Sophie (pseudonym), is worth the distance. 

We connected immediately when we started chatting the first time.  We communicated by email every day from then on - numerous times a day in the first few weeks.  We also chatted online and finally started talking on the phone before meeting 23 days after discovering each other on a Christian dating site.

Our first day together was wonderful.  How I've always liked to describe it is that our bodies finally caught up with what our souls and spirits had already been experiencing with each other.  Looking into each other's eyes, hugging, kissing as soon as we met and throughout the day in various ways.  We only drew closer that day ...and every day since.  Our long distance relationship began.

We have been more fortunate than many others in an LDR relationship because we have been with each other every weekend since.  The days in between have still been rough though.  They seem to be like a year - as I put in one of the poems I've written for my sweet love.  Even after marrying more than a year later, we have still been meeting only on weekends because we have been unable to change our circumstances (we both have teen age children that we are doing our best to consider).

We will soon be able to see each other more often because I am getting layed off from my job.  I will divide my time more evenly between Jersey and Pa. so I can still have my time with my own children who live with their mom in Pa.


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Oops, I accidentally hit "dislike" button and couldn't undo it (sorry). Bravo for you guys -- making it work out and the consideration for the children too!

compared to in town, yes. A three hour drive is more convenient than a lot of LDR's but it still keeps us apart more than we'd like to. It all depend on what your are comparing it to.