You Can't Get There From Here

Where to start??? Prof military officer (me not him) swept off her feet by retired USAF, good looking guy.

Contracting company (with a black cat) takes up all his time, but 30-60 days home at a time. I retired and keep waiting

for him to settle down for 5 years now. Government steps in and gives him a full-time position, that will keep him abroad

for 2 more years. All that said and done, I keep busy, work a lot, have family, but........... now when he comes home

he says he hat "training" in washington, and a truck load of excuses why I can't be there too.  You'll be bored,

it will cost more money, you have to quit your job, oh yeah and .........." I don't want to have to entertain you.


Ummmmmmmmmm, in writing it looks much worse.  Who am I kidding?????  He is already gone.

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2 Responses Apr 17, 2010

I think you already know the answer. Get on with your life. Doesn't mean you have to stop seeing him, but why not see other people too. Every day you get older so why sit around waiting for a guy that is not interested enough to bring you with him? You have spent enough time and life is short. Get out and enjoy your life and stop waiting for this guy. Good luck.

I am so sorry, It's really hard to be away from someone you love<br />
<br />
And not knowing how to solve a problem can be really hard<br />
<br />
Wish you all the best<br />