He called to say good night
How nice it was to hear his sweet voice
Wisper I love you my angel

I wish he was here next to me, hugging me and keeping me company
Time is flying for sure
But I so wish time would go by even faster

I find myself planning what to cook when he comes bk
What to wear
How to do my hair

I knw he is not particular about look but I just want to be pretty for him
To make every minute special
So that we have good memories to cherish

How I miss him so much! Why are LDRs so hard? Why can't our loved ones be next to us all the time?

I was thinking about whether he will ask me to marry him... I dream about that magical moment, I wonder how it will be... =) it makes me dream! lol am I crazy?

So how is yr LDR going on? Mine is going on well =) We are growing more in love with each other everyday! as cliche as it may sound, it is true.  I can see the difference in him as well and I can feel more love inside my heart. I knw that sounds a bit crazy but it is how I feel lol

Well I wish you all good luck =)

princessblush princessblush
22-25, F
1 Response Jun 13, 2010

i feel the same way about my always missing him and we'll get to see each other in december for the first time in two yrs :). we are soo connected better than i was when i had any other relationship with people around. i do love him so much and he loves me too.we do have a lot of chats and i guess i do talk alot lol.but he listens and when he does start talking, he goes on and on. same here, we've got yrs to go before we get married. but hope and faith in GOD to keep us together is what i hold. you be safe in your relationship.let the love and patience be your strength. :)