It's Really Hard

I've been in this relationship(LDR) about 10 months.I've meet this girl online,then we start chating on msn everyday at least 1-2 hours and we felt in love each other soon.

She also live in my  country but in diferrent  town I am from Macedonia(Skopje) she live in Ohrid.But she moved 3 years ago to live with her family in Slovenia. We start talking about us,starting to know each other better every day,she ask me for my phone number and give me some signals every hour,sending me some txt when she was having a credit.Also she told me that she love me etc etc,also,she give me some sexy pics of her.But here is the problem.

In Februar this year she was coming here in Macedonia in Ohrid.She is coming here once per year maybe two if her parents have break.We talked about to meet each other and  she told me( when i will be in Ohrid i will come on facebook or msn and i will tell you if we going to see it).But that never happend she arrived on 15th Ferbuary i called her but i didn't know that will take all the money from her credit so then she couldn't send me or call me.And now i fell sad and depressed.I didn't know what i suppost to do,and she was "off" about a week.Because i know her password on facebook i was talked with her friends to ask her where she is and how is she.But they told her stupid things about me and her sister want to separate it.Then she comes on fb and i was so happy but she told me do not talk with her friends and she remove me from facebook because she was angry.When she comes on slovenia she sended me a msg on Facebook and telling me that she must to remove me because her friends and her sister were talking about me some crazy nosense things.And i was soo angryy she told me that she is sorry for that she wanted to see me but i didn't trust her.But because i love her i was good and say it "no problem"
These days i am again depressed no idea if i going to see her face to face,and i don't know if she really want me:( She telling me that if we didn't make it to see it for first time let us try it 2-3 times but i am not sure.I am so lost it and confused,and i fell depth inside me that i'm not going to see her soon:(
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Ooooh no. It makes me sad hearing about long distance relationships. I used to have one. They are terribly gay like that. No offense.