600 Miles For 11 Months!

I've been really lonely since i moved. i don't have any real friends where i moved so i think this LDR is harder for me because i have no one to hang out with. i hope this site will be bring me some on line friends who can relate to my situation. my friends back home are great but they don't get it.  so i look forward to  hearing hearing from any of you looking for friends who can really relate!! id love to share my story and listen to yours! so email me on here or respond :) have you been in a an LDR longer shorter than me/ maybe different countries? cant wait to hear from youuu!

jayrenee jayrenee
22-25, F
4 Responses Jul 9, 2010

Aw good luck to you and your boyfriend :) I've been in an LDR for the past five months and its never easy but the times I see him make it all worth it. And my friends dont get it either..so i joined the site for the same reason as you. :)

good luck to for u all!!<br />

Good luck to you :) This site is great and has helped me go through my sadness when he first left<br />
This time, we'll in in an LDR for around 6 months and he is coming bk in 3 mnths! I can't wait to hug him and hold him close to me!

if you dont mind me asking why has it been 8 years?