I Miss Him.

Ah i wanna spend a night with him so bad, to fall asleep in his arms. We live 2 hours away, both with our parents, me just for the time being until the fall semester starts (then we will only be a hour and a half apart ha). He's 23, I'm 19, my parents are super over protective so spending a night with him while I'm still living here is really out of the question. He's also in the army and has volunteered to go down to the coast to help with the oil spill. He hasn't gotten his orders yet so I don't know how long he will be gone or when the next time I will see him is. The last time I saw him we spent a day and a half together. He came to see me and got a hotel room so we could see each other the next day too. I wish I could have spent that night with him. It's been so long, months actually since I've gotten to fall asleep in his arms, but I one day, maybe not soon, but one day it will happen again, and when it does I will be the happiest girl alive.
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we did! it was amazing too short but amazing as always :)

Yay dats sooo cool!!<br />
Hope u 2 had a lot of fun :)

UPDATE! :)<br />
<br />
im going to see him thursday &&&&& i get to stay the night with him! i get to fall asleep in his arms :)))) super duper excited!

thanks :)

I knw what u mean<br />
Courage dear, I'm sure u'll get to meet him soon :)<br />
Best of luck