My Love In Arizona

I met my Girlfriend/Fiancee about a year ago in a town called Bishop in southern Cali. I twas in a photograohy class I didn't want to be in that I saw her maybe said 3 words to her that day. I was so shy but right before I moved to th town I live in now we spent a day together an it was one of the best days of my life. Had a ton of fun and I fell for her. kinda weird for me cause i'm one of those silent don't let anyone in kinda guys but I don't know something about her just makes my defenses go down. I can't think right when i'm around her. Well 3 weeks later I moved up her to northern Cali and she moved to Arizona and we started dating. 8 months later and i've told her stuff about my own mom doesn't know. and i'm scared that the distance is going to ruin it. that she'll meet somebody better. Thats mostly low sel esteem saying that but i'm working hard. try and go down and visit as much as possible. One day I randomly showed up and took her out and asked her to marry me and I think it might of been to soon but foronce I can actually say i'm a hundred percent happy and life is great. i just find it weird cause I usually get girls who don't care much to get involved with my personal life and she wants to know everything. about my past. what I want in the future. what I want to do with my life. Make sure i'm happy. i've never had that before and it's weird but for the most part great.
RangerDanger506 RangerDanger506
Jul 24, 2010