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I'm not in a long distance relationship by choice, but by order from the federal government. :D

My boyfriend of 5 months is in the USAF currently beginning tech school at Goodfellow AFB in San Angelo, TX. There are about 1900 miles separating us. >.< Before he left, we spent every single day together, and share every little detail of our lives. It was nice and romantic because it was fresh, new, and exciting. I really miss having that closeness. The military has seemed to depleat a lot of that. First, it was not having any contact during BMT and now, it's limited because of his obligation to classes and his desire to join the precision drill team. Also, he's attached at the hip with a guy (who I call his bromance) who he went to BMT with who is now also at Goodfellow with him, so they spend quite a bit of time together. Our texts are few and far between with almost twenty minutes between texts and he rarely calls because he says that he doesn't like to be on the phone in front of other people. :[ I'm hoping that those things will change once he phases up and gets more freedom to wear civilian clothes and take his phone out of his dorm.

Don't get me wrong, ordinarily he is a very sweet guy and he never fails to remind me every single day that he loves me and is thinking of me, I'm just not used to the distance, especially so early on in the relationship when the bonding time is crucial.

Anyone have any tips on how to stay strong and bonded during the distance? I know it won't last forever because he'll be home in January (before that for Christmas in December), but I just don't want to lose the amazing start we've built so far.

Thanks. :)
sarahmayy sarahmayy
22-25, F
Aug 6, 2010