Intercontinental Long Distance Relationship

I live in India and she lives in Italy. We met 8yrs ago in the UK whilst studying at the Uni, became best friends and ever since have been in constant touch with eachother. We're both 30 now. Of late while discussing relationships and not being able to find the perfect partner - i asked her to describe her ideal man and she described me and for me she's the perfect woman. There is tremendous trust, respect and admiration. Mentally we're like clones - male and female with the same brain! 

We both talk of things (being together) indirectly, we know whats going on in each others mind but presume both are scared. I am scared of a distant possibility of losing my best friend. Everytime we get on msn its min 6hrs of talking and that too almost 2-3 times a week in addition to smses. My problem is that I think a bit too much and everytime we're not able to get online for a few days - i start thinking did i say something a bit too much this time - hope i didnt sound a bit too intense etc etc...and then its like crazy time in my head and eventually when its too much for me I send an sms asking her did I say something and she's like comeon you know me better to think like that.

Now the issues here are:
1. Although we know and we speak of things indirectly - how do I take this forward? She's not going to make the first move.
2. She's a single child. Family to her, like me is very important. (my parents do not have any objections - they just want to see me happy)

Any advise on this will be very very very appreciated.
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1 Response Aug 10, 2010

Thanks, did just that and now there's the expected 'radio silence' ... lets see how long this one lasts!!