Long Distance Relationship

it's almost been one year since i started dating my boyfriend. now.. i'm 17, which prolly leads most of you to think that i'm naive for doing this, and/or stupid. but let me reassure you, i'm extremely mature for my age. my boyfriend and i are seperated by 1,290 long miles. i've been lucky enough to see him four times these past couple months, but now i have to wait at least 5 months to even see him, and it might be longer than that. so it's the whole waiting game for me now. the uncertainty and the stress of all of this has just been adding up on me, and i really feel like talking to somebody who fully understands it would help me soo much. my family and friends try to help, but they really have no clue what it actually feels like to be with someone who you are completely in love with and then be taken away from. i'm just a complete mess right now and feel so alone even though i'm among so many loving and caring family and friends..
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1 Response Aug 11, 2010

I don't know how long ago you posted this or if you still check it but if you want someone to talk to, please drop me an e-mail! I am 24 and have been with my boyfriend(23) for a year and half now. I live on the west coast and he lives on the east coast. It's been 6months since he last visited and it's driving me crazy. It's nice to know that you're not alone but little helps to ease the pain and frustration of it. My family is supportive but it's difficult to talk to someone who doesn't really understand what you're going through. My email is; ddsgrl86@hotmail.com